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'Helmand Books®' is a book publishing and marketing company. We publish books with ISBN and DOI by local, national and international authors and provide significant cultural and economic benefits to this province. With the growing online book complexity and demand in the market, it has become very much essential to evaluate all the available options with flexibility to change as per the requirements. We publish a broad range of titles. Our aims to provide platform to new authors and solve problems in book publishing and distribution by creating better solutions.

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Publishing is a media to express the think of person between society and author. Our Publishing team are providing many information we hope this information will benefit those who are new to publishing. Publishing process with Helmand Books, simplifies your publishing requirement.


Our company are provided book printing services and providing better quality of book with international standard of paper quality.


We are available for helping you related your book project (Printed edition and eBook) Technical help for book Publishing, Editorial Review, page layout and cover design, Production & distribution strategies, Book launch & their marketing tools.

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Within 10 to 15 working Days only, your book will be ready for distribution to 100+ countries as print and e-book and to produce certain publications in languages other than English. Our publication provides you translation facilities in all languages.

What people say

I too had a wonderful experience working on my book. In fact, I am extremely happy working with all great people

Dr G R Sinha

It has been a great experience working with staff at Helmand Books. The response to

Prof Eduardo Nahmad-Achar

I wrote it, It made me feel really good to know that I published the book myself

Jessica Stafford

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am very happy with the end product — my book!

Marcee Corn and Susan

My book's production went very smoothly - a tribute to all concerned

Prof David Elliott

Inquiries has been prompt and helpful. The quality of the final book is superb

Prof Yang Wang

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