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Ethnobotany and Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants (Volume - 1)
Ethnobotany and Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants (Volume - 1)

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Chief Editor : Dr. Mantosh Kumar Sinha
ISBN : 978-93-93992-02-4
Language : English
Pages : 70
Publication Year : 2023
Binding : Paperback
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The book offers a wide range of contemporary perspectives on the variety of medicinal plants, both in terms of their traditional use and therapeutic claims. It highlights the importance of cataloguing ethnomedical information, as well as exploring and conserving the diversity of traditional medicinal products. It also addresses the difficulties of limited access to contemporary medicine and how research can improve these modern practices. Ethnobotany studies the relationship between plants and the people of various societies; an important relationship for many tribal groups. Forest products give tribal people the resources they need to live their lives, including materials needed for physical and health purposes